Marine Services



Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels 25 metres length overall alongside (l.o.a) and above entering or leaving the port water limits. Pilotage services are available around the clock and incoming vessels shall contact Bintulu Port Control Tower on Channel 12 when they are within VHF range.

Ships in distress can contact the port on Channel 16 and an SSB station is in operation on 463 KHz. The pilot boarding position is located at: Latitude 03°18.0'N Longtitude 112°58.5'E.



Tug services for berthing and unberthing of vessels are available. All tugboats are fully equipped with fire fighting and marine pollution control equipment. The port provides the following tugs:

  • 6 units 45 tonnes Bollard Pull Ship Handling Tugs
  • 6 units 25 tonnes Bollard Pull Ship Handling Tugs



Mooring services are also provided 24 – hours a day.  All mooring gangs are fully trained to safely secure vessels to berths and jetties.